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I was born and raised in Beijing. After working on a number of ethnographic works in China I moved to the United States and spent a number of years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I see myself as an independent filmmaker, working at the intersection of Chinese and American cultures. My works always deals with the uncertainty and liquidity caused by my identity. As a transplant, continuously adopting, absorbing, and adjusting between where I grew up and where I am living generate an energy. This flux energy constantly sparks interests for my filmmaking and the way I am observing my immediate surrounding.

My work has aired on PBS and played at various venues including United States (US), Austria, Slovenia, Spain, and China. I was awarded the Cream City Cinema Emerging Voices Award by HBO in 2018. I was a fellow at the 74th University Film and Video Association 2020, and 67th Flaherty Film Seminar for 2022.

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