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Unproblematic problem 不成问题的问题
Total run time: 07:59
HD video, stereo, color

A year after I moved to US, I took a trip to Maine with my friends. We stopped at a kayak rental store inquiring the price. The owner is an enthusiastic person. We nailed down everything with my broken English. He said a lot but I couldn’t fully understand. “Where are you guys from?” he asked. I am thrilled, I eventually understood some English! “I am from…” I paused. What should I say? I am from China or I am from Milwaukee? The moment is like a century. A problem that was not a problem became a problem.


The question “where are you from” has hovered over me ever since. What would other people say, I wondered? To find the answer, I decided to go into the streets with my camera and see how they solved this unproblematic problem.

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